wholesale diamonds

Buy your diamonds at wholesale prices. With a diamond broker never pay retail again! Wholesale diamonds can be a reality. Find a reputable diamond wholesaler who will sell to the public and enjoy wholesale diamonds than only retail jewellers used to enjoy!

wholesale diamonds
The wholesale diamond business has been revolutionized by the Internet. Wholesale diamonds are now available direct from the worlds largest diamonds wholesalers. With just a little knowledge the average consumer can buy wholesale diamonds at half price when compared to retail. To help you with your quest for wholesale diamonds we created the following simple set of guidelines to finding wholesale diamonds.

1. Do your research on any company claiming to sell wholesale diamonds.

Lots of retailers are now disguising themselved on the Internet as diamond wholesalers. Their prices are still retail. Due to their high overheads they have to charge a high markup.

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2. Never buy diamonds (or anything else) from a company on the Internet that has no address listed!

We've heard horror stories about wholesale diamond companies that were actually teenage web programers selling jewellery from their basement. If the company doesn't have an address listed they don't want you to know where they are! A good diamond wholesaler selling true wholesale diamonds will want you to know where they are.

Wholesale Diamondswholesale diamonds onlineWholesale diamonds!

3. Always insists that your wholesale diamonds are certified diamonds

Diamond wholesalers have used independant diamond certificates to accurately judge a wholesale diamonds value. You should demand a diamond certificate from labs such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD (Diamond High Council) or (American Gemological Society) AGS certified wholesale diamonds.

Wholesale Diamondswholesale diamonds onlineWholesale diamonds!
Wholesale Diamonds
Buy diamonds direct from the supplier at wholesale prices. Diamond retailers, Jewelers, have relatively high overheadou to deal directly withs and a small turnover. This means high prices to the customer. Now the internet makes it possible for y the suppliers, who have low overheads and a high turnover. By cutting out the middleman, YOU can make a huge saving

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Diamonds at wholesale prices

British Crown Jewels

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Imperial State Crown

The Imperial State Crown is 12.4 inches (31.5cm) in height, weighs 0.91kg (over 2lbs), and is set with over 3,000 precious stones, including the 317 carat Cullinan II

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Good luck with finding wholesale diamonds

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